Growth Response of Rabbits fed Multi-Enzyme Treated Moringa oleifera Leaf Meal

  • Wilberforce O. ADUGUBA
  • Raphael OBENG
  • Matthew TIETAAH
  • Lydia QUANSAH
  • Terry ANSAH


The effect of multi-enzyme (Kemzyme plus P Dry) treated moringa oleifera leaf meal on the growth performance, haematological parameters, nutrient digestibility and carcass characteristics of weaned rabbits were evaluated. Twenty New Zealand White rabbits with an average initial weight of 908.75±135.3 g were divided into four groups and allocated four test diets in a completely randomized design for a period of 49 days after 14-days of adaptation. The experimental diets comprised of T0 (formulated concentrate), T1 (T0 + M. oleifera leaf), T2 (T0 + M. oleifera leaf + multi-enzyme) and T3 (T0 + multi-enzyme). Feed intake and final body weight gain were significantly (p<0.05) influenced by test diets. Rabbits fed T2 and T1 had higher feed intake (p>0.05) and weight gain (p<0.05). Apparent digestibility of Crude protein and Neutral detergent fibre (p<0.05) were found to be higher in rabbits fed with T2. Dressing percentage, hot and cold carcass weight were not significantly (p>0.05) affected. White blood cell, Haemoglobin and Packed cell volume indices significantly (p<0.05) differed with superior performance recorded among the rabbits fed with T2. Incorporating M. oleifera leaf meal at 40% in concentrate diet with 0.03 mg multi-enzyme could enhance growth of rabbits without any detrimental effect.

Keywords: Rabbit, digestibility, Multi-enzyme, Moringa oleifera, Haematology

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ADUGUBA, W., OBENG, R., TIETAAH, M., QUANSAH, L., & ANSAH, T. (2021). Growth Response of Rabbits fed Multi-Enzyme Treated Moringa oleifera Leaf Meal. Ghana Journal of Science, Technology and Development, 7(2), 12-19.