Growth, carcass and blood profile of rabbits fed agro-industrial by-products in Northern Ghana

  • Terry Ansah
  • Kamara Francis
  • Ninkarb Seth Joejoe
  • Takinam Kwaku Rockson


The use of agro-industrial by-products (AIBP) as a source of protein could minimize the challenge of obtaining locally available concentrate for rabbit production especially in the dry season. The study was carried out to investigate the effects of four AIBP’s and maize as a control on growing rabbits. The AIBP included milled mango seed kernel (MMSK), maize bran (MB), brewers spent grain (BSG) and corn mill residue (CMR). A total of 20 rabbits were randomly assigned to the five experimental diets for a period of 49 days after one week adaptation period. The OM was in the range of 609g/kg to and that of carbohydrate was in the range of 563g/kg to 768.5g/kg. The crude protein in the experimental diet was in the range of 168g/kg and 330g/kg. The highest ADF fraction was obtained in BSG and the least from maize. There was no significant difference in final live weight gain and average daily weight gain among the treatments diets. The gain per feed intake differed (P=0.04) among the treatments with the least recorded in MMSK. Significant difference (P<0.05) was observed in, PCV, RBC and Hb with the highest recorded in MB. The total WBC was also significantly different (P<0.05) with the highest obtained in CMR and the least in MMSK. There was no difference (P>0.05) in dressing percentage, hot carcass and cold carcass weight. Maize bran at 70% inclusion yielded the best results in terms of final weight gain, and average daily weight gain. Maize at 70% had the best gain per feed intake but due the cost and its role as a primary food source for humans, it will not be recommended. Other AIBP’s like BSG and CMR could also be used at 70% without any detrimental effect. A further treatment to reduce the possible effect of the ANF’s present in MMSK is recommended to enhance its utilization.

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Ansah, T., Francis, K., Joejoe, N., & Rockson, T. (1). Growth, carcass and blood profile of rabbits fed agro-industrial by-products in Northern Ghana. Ghana Journal of Science, Technology and Development, 1(1), 38-45.