Whole Egg of Chicken as a Binder in Beef Burger

  • F. Adzitey *Adzitey, F., Teye, G.A.and
  • G. A. Teye
  • F. E. Boateng



The suitability, yield and cohesiveness, sensory characteristics and nutritional composition of beef burger formulated with whole egg from chicken as a binder was studied. Four (4) kg of boneless beef was used,of which, 3kg were for test products and 1kg for control products. Four (4) different levels of inclusion of the whole egg per kilogram of meat that is 0g, 50g, 100g and 150g which corresponds to each treatment T1(control), T2(5%),T3(10%) and T4(15%) respectively, was examined. Spices and water were added in equal amounts of g/kg or ml/kg of meat. The burgers were moulded manually using a cylindrical tube to obtain uniform shapes and sizes. They were vacuum-packed in transparent packaging bags and stored at 4oC for sensory and laboratory analyses. Lateral shrinkage and cooking loss was significantly higher for T4 (burger with highest whole egg inclusion level), but doming was significantly lower for T4. There were no significant differences in sensory characteristics among the control and the test beef burgers at the various treatment levels. Crude protein content of beef burger formulated with whole egg as a binder was improved. pH reduced at 50g inclusion level of whole egg which implies that the 5% test products were likely to store better for a longer period.

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Adzitey, F., Teye, G. A., & Boateng, F. E. (1). Whole Egg of Chicken as a Binder in Beef Burger. Ghana Journal of Science, Technology and Development, 1(1), 18-26. https://doi.org/10.47881/11.967x