Effect of Vitrification Solution (PVS2) on Viability and Vigour of seeds of Amaranth (Amaranthus Hybridus)

Raphael Adu-Gyamfi, George Nyarko, Daniel Agyei-Mensah


Amaranth (Amaranthus hybridus). This was done as a step towards long term cryopreservation of seeds of Amaranth. The seeds of Amaranth, 100 per treatment, were exposed to PVS2 between 0 and 60 min. Data were taken on in vitro germination percentage of the seeds, percentage of moisture removed from the seeds, shoot and root length of the seedlings and their vigour index calculated. The results showed that PVS2 application did not have an adverse effect on germination percentage of the seeds when the exposure time was not more than 45 min. However, the root and shoot lengths as well as the vigor of the seedling were inhibited to a certain extent by the PVS2 application. PVS2 application dehydrated the moisture of the seeds during the exposure. About 34 to 60.7 % of the moisture was removed from the seeds by the PVS2. This work may pave the way for cryopreservation of seeds of Amaranth and similar seeds.


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